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Irish wildlife sounds

A listening journey of discovery

Join ornithologist Seán Ronayne as he takes you on a journey of discovery through sound. Seán specialises in recording and studying bird sound, but also has a very strong passion for seeking out the last remnants of wild habitats in Ireland to listen to and record them, in order to raise awareness of the sonic pollution the modern world has increasing shrouded us in. Seán is currently on a mission to sound record all of Ireland’s regularly occurring bird species and with 178 recorded to date, he is closing in. Seán deploys a number of very intriguing techniques to study bird sounds and has learned to listen deeply, beyond the song, revealing incredibly personal details about a given bird.


The Barn


  • Sat 22nd April


  • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Event Type

sound talk

Míle Buíochas...

Kerry Co Co
Rose Hotel
Ballygarry Hotel